Foot care

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In addition to chamomile's valuable ingredients azulene and bisabolol, the products of Camillen 60 are equipped with many other high-quality ingredients.

Below, we have compiled a brief overview of the information about origin and main effects of the individual ingredients.


Sage oil is extracted from the leaves of the sage shrub. Sage extract acts anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent due to its level of volatile oils, tannins, flavones and camphor. 

• anti-inflammatory
• antiseptic
• astringent
• antifungal


Salycylic acid is found in its natural form in a large variety of medicinal plants such as the marigold, pansy as well as willow bark. Due to the wide range of applications they offer, preparations containing salicylic acid are of particular interest to those concerned with foot care. Its keratolytic effect action makes salicylic acid the most used substances to remove skin scaling, soften horny skin and treat corns.

• softens horny skin
• anti-inflammatory
• antiseptic
• relieves itching

Sallow thorn fruit flesh oil (HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES)

The fruit flesh oil is extracted from the orange-coloured berries, which are cold pressed. Due to the high level of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (C & E) as well as carotenoids it is especially suitable for the care of dry, cracked and sensitive skin. The oil acts regenerating and moisturizing. The skin is smoothened and irritations are reduced.

• moisturizing
• smoothening
• reduces irritations
• supports wound healing
• anti-inflammatory
• regenerating

Sea salt (MARIS SAL)

Sea salt with its high mineral content is extracted by natural evaporation of seawater. The healing power of the minerals and their soothing agents were used as early as in old Egypt. Sea salt provides the skin with refreshing moisture, eases irritation and clears impurities. For cosmetic purposes, sea salt is used in peeling products and footbaths, for example.

• cleansing
• detoxifying
• stimulating


The shea tree (Butyrospermum Parkii Kotschy) is widely found in Central Africa; shea butter is obtained by first drying then cold pressing its plum-sized nuts. Also known as Beurre de Karité, shea butter is an odourless mass of soft-wax to Vaseline-like nature used by native Africans for body care and in folk medicine. This butter is also used in various countries for the manufacture of chocolate. Due to its good skin-hydrating properties, shea butter is frequently used in cosmetic products to obtain a soft skin sensation; it also has an UV filter equivalent to sun protection factor 3.

• cleanses
• softens and cares for the skin
• UV protection

Silk extract (HYDROLYSED SILK)

The base material of the silk extract is the spun protein fibre. Silk contains so-called silk fibroins, proteins that are similar to the structure of human skin. Consequently it is very well tolerated by the skin. The valuable silk proteins act like small sponges; they can store moisture three times their own weight and are therefore an ideal moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin. In addition, the silk active substances create a protective film on the skin and lastingly prevent it from drying out. The skin gains resilience and elasticity. Silk extracts provide a pleasant smooth skin feeling even with highly stressed skin.

• stores moisture
• nourishing
• smoothes skin


Salt plays an extremely significant role where blood replacement, body heat regulation and perspiration are concerned. When used as bath salts it is invigorating and fortifies the skin without any unpleasant soaking effect.

• invigorating
• detergent

Sodium Hyaluronate



Due to its excellent active but mild cleansing properties, sodium lauryl sulphate ensures improved deep-down cleanliness, especially when used in cleansing products such as hair shampoos and bath salts. Perceptibly reduces the irritative and roughening effects of surfactants on skin.

• mildly cleansing
• skin-friendly


Sodium sulphate is ideal for patients who are suffering from rheumatism, and suffer from pain in the joints and the articular cartilage. The pain, especially that caused by rheumatism, may affect several joints, especially in winter. Cold and humidity are factors that aggravate joint pain in Arthose- or rheumatism patients and reinforce. In all these complaints sodium sulphate is entirely appropriate for the treatment of acute joint stiffness.

The homeopathic treatment of various skin diseases requires the healing effect of sodium sulphate. Consequently, this agent is also often used to treat skin diseases, or to avoid that such erupt again later. The unpleasant effects of infections are caused by microscopic fungi, such as mycoses, ringworm, athlete's foot can be counteracted by this drug.

• prevent bacterial infections
• relieves joint pain
• protects the skin against further inflammation

Strawberry Extract (FRAGARIA EXTRACT)

When it comes to the beauty of the skin, strawberries is said to be very effective effect. The red fruits are really amazing: they contain a lot of vitamin C, even more than lemons. This helps the cells to renew themselves. The result: The skin is soft and velvety. In addition, strawberries are rich in provitamin A and vitamins B1 and B2. Experts also suggest that magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus as well as vitamins of the B complex strengthen the connective tissue.

• skin-tightening
• softens the skin
• relaxes