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Wolfgang Kuntz

Today`s very successful product series Camillen 60 - Foot & Body Care was in fact inspired within the daily practice and demands of a professional foot care clinic.

It was during the early 1950`s that the co-founder and namesake of the company, Mrs. Hedwig Raue a trained podiatrist successfully operated several foot care institutions. A visionary and aclaimed expert in podiatry, Mrs. Hedwig Raue applied her many years of professional experience in the field of education and medical foot care to train and teach aspiring young professionals in Europe.

Having gained a highly specialized knowledge of podiatry over the years, Mrs. Raue finally decided to fulfill her long life desire to create and develop her own foot care brand. As quality should be at the forefront of her idea, the  fundamental bases for her foot care series should rest on  both anti-inflammatory and skin-regenerating properties. A comprehensive  research into natures powerful plants was undertaken to determine which key active ingredients would be the basis of the new foot care series.

At the conclusion it was decided to use one of nature`s most powerful and valuable active ingredients, the "medicinal plant chamomile". Chamomile oil, which contains two key chemical compounds of bisabolol and azulene offer the very best for skin health and skin tolerability.

Raue introduced the first product in 1960 and registered under the name "Camillen 60 - Foot Care" in honour of the year it would be introduced to world markets. As more products were developed, the memorable "walk on the chamomile flower" logo was created to add elegance and grace to the brand.

Today the Camillen 60 assortment includes over 40 different foot and body care products as well as an extensive range of plasters and pressure protection products for total foot health.

Since 1971, the company has been owned by the Kuntz family, which is now in its second generation. Mr. Wolfgang Kuntz directs the company since 1995 and moved the company headquarters in 2000 from Hanover city center to Burgwedel just outside the city.

Here all Camillen 60 Foot & Body care products are manufactured with the help of modern production machines and automatic systems to the highest quality and hygienic standards. True to the original values of Mrs. Raue, the Camillen 60 brand continues to bear the hall marks from her legacy; quality and truly effective products for the whole family.

The story in annual figures

A brand through the ages.

Although the appearance changed over the years, you can rely on the quality of Camillen 60.

Already in the 30s podiatry in Germany was well known and widely used.

The later founder of the company, Hedwig Raue lerned professional foot care from bottom up.
Hedwig's family had several podiatry practices, in Leipzig and Dresden.

The foundation for Camillen 60 was laid way back in the fifties. Hedwig Rough chose Chamomile as a main active ingredient of the new foot care series. From the practice of their pedicure school she developed the first products in collaboration with a pharmacist.

The first product came on the market in 1960 and was therefore registered under the name camillen-fussbalsam 60 at the brand registry. After further products were developed, the present brand label Camillen 60 with the memorable foot on the chamomile flower evolved.


The brand was distributed in Germany by SÜDA from 1975 until 1998.

Since 1998 the distribution is made by the manufacturer RAUE GmbH itself.

The design of 1985.

In 1996 a new colour system was created.

In 2005 "Soft hands" appeared, scrub and lotion for silky soft skin.

Soft hands Lotion and Manicure Sea Salt Scrub are available in five suitable types


In 2008, the modern synthetic stand tubes were introduced.

Stand tubes have the great advantage that the cream always flows down to the opening and can be applied more easy.
The tube contents were converted to 30 ml trial size and 100 ml or 200 ml size sale.

A comprehensive redesign of the range Camilen 60.

Since 2009 - Wellness FootCare with Aloe Vera and Olive Oil

As an additional special treatment, including a care mask and massage in the cabin, or as a little spoil-yourself program at home. The valuable ingredients of aloe and olive protect and regenerate stressed foot skin and the pleasant scent creates an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.

NEW in 2010

the light alternative with the fresh scent

Gentle and fresh care, with the a splendidly pleasant FRESHUP scent from natural fruit oils.


A comprehensive redesign of the range Camilen 60.