The brand

Our claim

We are foot care. Our success today is the result of our commitment to quality and a passion to provide the very best in effective and trusted products. In the production of our high quality skin care lines we can count on a wealth of experience and the latest technologies to fall back on.

Camillen 60 combines proven and traditional natural ingredients along with the latest innovations from cosmetic research to insure outstanding product quality and effectiveness. Formulations are based on the latest dermatological findings and characterized by an optimal efficacy and skin tolerability. All the Camillen 60 products are designed and developed in close cooperation with German podiatrists and chiropodists.

Our products are manufactured in the tradition of the renowned seal of quality "Made in Germany" and are subject to rigorous quality controls. All Camillen 60 preparations are produced and bottled in a state-of-the-art facility in Burgwedel near Hannover to rigid international cosmetics standards.

A heart for animals is a matter of course for us. All our products have never been tested on animals and this mandate holds true for the future.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and a commitment to quality products at reasonable prices is what characterises the entire Raue product range.