Foot Lotion



Moisturizing soft care with hyaluron and panthenol for

well-groomed legs and feet.

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Care for your feet!

Foot balm

Foot care products of the highest quality for daily care.

Acts against calluses, prevents chapped heels and rough skin. Makes skin soft and supple and effectively protects against sore feet.

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Schutz & Pflege

for skin, toe- and fingernails

A combination of antimycotic substances provides skin and nails with long-lasting protection against fungal attack.

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Soft hands

Intensive moisture

Soothing and regenerating protects your skin

against harmful environmental influences

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The healing powers of chamomile

Chamomile flowers contain precious essential oils, including the two main active ingredients used for our products azulene and bisabolol.

From practice to practice

The Camillen60 range consisting of foot & body products is clear and concise and offers safety in practice and in advising your clients.

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The products of Camillen60 series, besides the precious components of the chamomile flowers (especially azulene and bisabolol) with additional high-quality ingredients.